California’s Full of Whiskey, Women and…Pigs

Not so long back I took a quick vacation home – back to California. While it would have been more convenient for me to go back in October I couldn’t wait. Why? Because it was the Sonoma County Fair!“Duh,” these cow are saying. “Who doesn’t know about the legendary Sonoma County Fair?” Most people, cows. Most people. And they don’t know what they’re missing. They’re missing signs like this:

Sorry to break it to you, but pocket knives are also classified as knives. And you have to leave them in your car. Obviously this was so much of a problem that it needed to be defined on a poster board.

But we weren’t there for cows or to test the definition of the word “knife.” We were there for one of these:

Well. Not one of these specifically. But for a pig.

You see, every year Iron Horse Vineyards buys a pig from a child. And not for petting purposes (although I hear they are quite loyal and intelligent). We buy pigs for their delicious, delicious meat.

The auction starts with some good old American spirit.

I do love that the 4h uniform is entirely white and that being in the 4h involves you co-mingling with livestock. I was wearing a tan dress and came out of the bandstand at least three shades darker.

The auctioneer, readying his vocal pipes.

And here’s our pig:

As you may be able to see, we bought the Grand Champion. That’s second, just behind the Supreme Grand Champion. All in all a great pig. And the kid is adorable. That’s how you know the pig is good.

But that’s not all there is to do at the fair:

I am not much of a betting lady (the occasional animated penny slots or lotto scratcher) but man, I love the ponies. But do I ever have crummy luck. I believe I bet on that lovely specimen coming in last place.


One Response to “California’s Full of Whiskey, Women and…Pigs”

  1. Laurence Sterling Says:

    We got the thank you note, here it is, verbatim:

    Dear Iron Horse Vineyards,

    Thank you so much for buying my Pig at the Sonoma County Fair. It was very Kind of you. The hog you purchased was my Grand Champion Market hog. Because of your genorousity I will now be able to buy and care for next years 4-H Project. I hope you enjoy your hog as much as I did raising it. Thank you agian and I hope you have a great rest of the year.


    Laney Klunis Goldridge 4-H 2010

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